Red Snapper created the perfect balance between yin and yang, with masculine bass roiling relentlessly underneath a veritable pirouette of sophisticated electronic wizardry. Lo Recordings has done the nearly impossible in compiling Redone, the definitive remix album for a frustratingly difficult-to-define band. Susuma Yokota creates an elegiac homage to “Mountains and Valleys,” while the sprightly “Heavy Petting” exhibits a bit more irreverence, courtesy of David Ayer’s new side project, The Creation. There’s a decidedly blissful approach to “Dnipro” by Europa 51, a wide-ranging side project featuring members of the High Llamas and the late Mary Hansen. The three disparate mixes from the Snappers themselves are telling of their multiple personalities-one is a gothic lament, one is brazenly kitschy, and one is unabashedly aggressive.