Killer sequencing turns what could have been just a collection of current dancehall singles into a cohesive document. Take the 1-2 punch of “Hey Sexy Lady,” with Shaggy and Brian & Tony Gold, and “Get Busy,” Sean Paul’s inescapable crossover hit, which segue together smoother than rum and coconut. Likewise, Tanya Stephens’s “It’s A Pity” and Morgan Heritage’s “She’s Still Loving Me” provide ironic contrast, relating the point of view of both the “other woman” and the guilt-ridden married man. Other notable observations: Bobby Digital and Tony Kelly are absolutely robotic when it comes to pumping out wicked riddims; even remixes with aging hip-hop superstars Busta Rhymes and LL Cool J can’t derail Sean-a-P. and Wayne Wonder’s star trains. Good news for all raggamuffins.