“Hi friends, how are you?” introduces the vocodered voice of Kompakt mainstay Stefan Kozalla. “I am DJ Koze and I am sitting in my studio in Hamburg, drinking red wine, collecting my best remixes for you. For those that like this kind of music, the music is very good.” But this is understatement, as this (overly truncated) collection of Koze’s reworks of other people’s tracks is not merely “very good,” it is a thing of beauty. Applying his idiosyncratic worldview to music from the likes of Lawrence, Heiko Voss, Wechsel Garland, and Ben Watt, Kozalla finds splendor in pummeled cowbells, filtered disco effects, and mangled voices. Crucially, Koze’s anything-goes approach circumvents wackiness, instead producing heartbreaking works of staggering genius.