Adorned with block-print owls, frogs, squirrels, and fish, the cover of Norwegian nerds Lindstrom and Prins Thomas’ latest disc practically screams “stoner disco.” Like a backwoods camping soundtrack for VW bus club kids, the album is a collection of alternate mixes, 12″ versions, edits, and jammy retro-house, replete with vintage drum sequencers and live bass noodling. But if you take this trip, bring two weeks’ extra rations-“Nummer Fire En” clocks in at 21 minutes, “Turkish Delight” at 10 and change. Prog-folk influenced “Vrang Og Vanskelig” conjures forest gnome visions, while the cheese-organ-saturated “Feel PM” drifts dangerously into Love Boat waters. Overall, Reinterpretations sounds like Norse disko-goes-lite rock: familiar and soothing, but too limp to fuck with.