Christopher Adam Reeves (a.k.a. The Gasman) apparently derives his recordings from cut-up old classical reel-to-reel tapes which he further mutates via a cheap PC. Around half his tracks have precedents in late-’80s/early-’90s rave, but Remedial particularly intrigues when The Gasman’s music-making process produces ghostly aberrations not dissimilar to the reprocessed 1930s ballroom music on The Caretaker’s Selected Memories From The Haunted Ballroom. With their warped, lingering trace-memories of the original sound-sources, these dense, neo-classical pieces have a strange and eerie potency. Why Reeves names tracks after a chemical treatment for head lice, a pre-colonoscopy bowel-cleansing preparation, and an abnormal duct from an abscess isn’t, however, immediately apparent.