A collection of unreleased material recorded after 2002‘s full-length Stars on My Ceiling (Chocolate Industries), Remembering Today provides a glimpse into the tonal meiosis of Chicago-bred, New York-based producer Zachary Mastoon (a.k.a. Caural). Caural‘s latest is an anthology of fuzzy memories though not fuzzy logic-these 13 session outtakes are both nebulous and distinctly contemplative. The bleary, corner-of-the-eye pirouette of these shambolic, sepia-toned memoirs places Caural as a kitsch-free contemporary of LA anachronist Daedelus, while the record‘s dovetailing, soft-focus snaps are akin to those of Prefuse 73. But Caural‘s willowy, huddled, dream-pop/mope-hop exudes its own signature sway, as refracted rustles and wispy melodies flicker atop blunted stutter. Remembering Today‘s stereotropic vignettes taper off more than resolve, but there‘s cumulative warmth in the embossed ridges and static-strewn hollows of Caural‘s pastel-dappled haze.