It took this crazy Cornwall, England label a decade to release its first proper compilation, 2001’s Braindance Coincidence. Now, only two years later, Rephlex comes forth with this extensive triple LP, whose contents reach back to Global Goon’s first album, Goon, and DMX Krew’s electro-throwback, Ffressshh!, both from 1996. Rephlexions proves how rarified this label’s music truly is, and how worthy it is of thorough mining. Bochum Welt’s “Radiopropulsive” and Yee King’s “Goodnight Toby” are perfect examples of the Rephlex sound: a warp of perky melody and punchy acid feel that is at once culturally avant garde and musically retro. New AFX (Richard James), Luke Vibert, and Astrobotnia cuts further cement the fact that Rephlexions is a critical purchase.