The typical trajectory of musical projects consists of gradual decline and increasing conservativeness of sound, with early works proving to be the best and most adventurous. Black Dice subvert this model. A decade into their existence, they continue to wring the most grotesquely warped sounds from their gear and sculpt them into a menagerie of beastly compositions. Repo, like most of Black Dice’s output since 2002’s Beaches & Canyons, is an unconventionally psychedelic record, one that seems to have emerged chromosome-damaged from a bizarre lab, created solely to score your most extreme hallucinogen trips. Although it’s relatively lighter in tone than past efforts, Repo still carries a pronounced unhinged quality. They haven’t ditched their demented, funhouse-mirror effects, but they have tilted them at more festive angles. Repo could be called a party record, albeit one that leaves deep trauma on your brain.