Through his laptop‘s noise, Miguel Depedro, a.k.a. Kid606, creates as much as he destroys, loves as much as he cuts a conversation and walks away. Resilience drops that yin-yang in favor of florid emotions and declarations that lack quotation marks. Opener “Done With The Scene” and the more haunting “Sugarcoated” are synth-pop glides that peek at a sea of suburban rooftops through one Venetian blind. Depedro also explores his compatriot DJ/Rupture‘s territory with disjointed Middle Eastern hip-hop in “Hold it Together,” along with delivering slightly skewed dancehall in “Phoenix Riddim” and “Banana Peel.” Resilience places Depedro at a crossroads where it is nigh impossible to predict where he will go next. He points in nearly every direction here, and is richer for it.