Anonymity can often be a useful tool for musicians today, crafting a veil of intrigue and mystery—a card that Ever Moving, head of Warsaw-based label Get The Balance Right!, has played well. His first release in 2014 gave an unequivocal nod to electro forefathers Drexciya (another act to have spent its existence concealed behind an alias), with a deep-sea diver emblazoned on the EP’s artwork, and a host of tracks that sounded like a modern take on their aquatic sound. It was a recipe for success, and drove Discogs communities to pay top dollar to get their hands on the first press. Returning now, over a year later, the Polish producer has invited a selection of artists to accompany him for the label’s second release.

Ever Moving himself is first up with “Find A Way,” a cut that comfortably carries on in the same niche as his previous outing. Gentle keys are juxtaposed with a growling bassline, building an irresistible groove suitable for home and club sound systems. Next is fellow Pole Mutual Attraction, who provides a pleasant, but less memorable, cymbal-heavy piano jam.

The B-side is left to ITPDWIP (Instant Teleportation Process Detected While In Progress), a Greek producer also new to the fore this year. The jacking “Mne Ne Bolno (It Doesn’t Hurt Me)” is a frosty affair, followed by downtempo number “Idata Stygos (Waters of Styx)”—layered with yearning synths, it is a contemplative interlude. Finally, Jeremiah R. rounds things off on a high with his remix of “Waters of Styx,” a brilliant slice of powerful, yet somehow poignant electro that conjures imagery of travel to the furthest reaches of the cosmos. Having put out only a handful of releases to date, it is remarkable how swiftly he has been able to carve out such a mature and unique sound.