Amsterdam-based Italian Marco Antonio Spaventi is a fairly well-established engineer, someone who’s frequently lending his touch to releases on labels like Delsin and M>O>S. He’s also made a splash as a producer, as he’s one half of duos R-A-G and Crystal Maze. This year, however, he seems to be focusing on his own productions, and it’s been paying off. “The Jungle” b/w “Insanity,” in particular, was infectious in its craziness, offering two truly frenetic slices of bare-bones house. Spaventi’s latest, Revolver, which is being released by newly minted NYC imprint Most Excellent Unlimited, is a mini-LP of sorts, clocking in around 35 minutes. It doesn’t feature anything quite as rambunctious, but still has plenty to offer.

Perhaps owing to his post-production expertise, these tracks sound especially crisp and well spaced. “La Valle Delle Lacrime” is pretty simple, with the producer draping sinewy, mournful synth lines atop tom-led drum patterns. Oddly enough, it also comes beatless, which works remarkably well considering how slight the original is. The stealthy title track also comes in two forms. Its original mix is a tightly woven blend of watery synths, jagged bass, and jacking drums, all pushing forward with dogged energy. Mark E features on its remix. The producer doesn’t really do gorgeously loopy beatdowns like he used to, but here he does manage to find a fairly ethereal, early-’90s-reminiscent synth phrase on which to hinge his production. Compared to the snaking, slightly sinister original, it’s much more aimed at eliciting exuberance. “Slowmo” actually falls closer to Mark E’s back catalog; as its title suggests, it’s a deal more sluggish than its counterparts, with snips of organic drums matching alternately bulbous and buzzing synths. “The Sick Tape Dealer,” meanwhile, could be slotted next to some of Legowelt’s work, with its rustling hi-hats, rubbery bassline, and simple, glacial melodies conjuring up an atmosphere of intrigue. While not as singular as his first release of the year, there is little doubt Revolver reflects an artist freshly focused on his craft.