Albums from Delorean and Girls may have arrived with larger fanfare, but Glasser (a.k.a. Cameron Mesirow) has been part of the True Panther stable from the beginning and Ring could be marked as the end of the young label’s first wave of releases. More than a year ago, the label released the Apply EP, a charming effort that introduced the world to this girl with a big voice and an otherworldly pop vision, albeit one limited by her amateurish production skills and prediliction for recording in GarageBand.

This year’s “Tremel” 12″ hinted that something grand was on the horizon, but sonically, Ring is a quantum leap forward, a fact at least partially attributable to Mesirow’s time spent with folks like producers Van Rivers and the Subliminal Kid, whose work with Fever Ray is an obvious reference point, as is someone like Björk. Yet Glasser’s music is far less alien; Ring finds Mesirow dwelling in warm, lush surroundings and her efforts sound fully realized, whether it’s the chimes and vocal robotics of the pulsing “Mirrorage” or the vaguely tribal percussion paired with her soaring voice on wonderous standout “Home.” “Apply” and “Glad,” both of which first appeared on her debut, show up again, and while the repetition may be disappointing, the re-worked versions of the songs are not. The latter is buoyed nicely by some new horns and both tracks are among the album’s best. Ring may not be perfect—certain songs have a nondescript, meandering feel—but this kind of growth is undeniably exciting, and makes both Glasser and True Panther well worth watching.