WhileRodulate is far from perfect, today’s acid techno revivalists ought to take a page from Cornish bros Luke Vibert and Jeremy Simmonds. Rodulate collects their collaborations from the past 15 years and showcases various mutations of acid, both intoxicating and sometimes tedious. The charming “Open File” sets an R&B ballad to the beat of a chugging, flat-tire noise, while the Tiki lounge bender “V.A.J.” anticipates Vibert’s fantastic voyages with Jean-Jacques Perrey. Not everything clicks: “Space Mist” smears a crude acid riff against an otherwise agile jazz-fusion groove and “Room 28 Rap” is marred by forgettable MC rhymes and tepid beats. Also skip “Story,” unless you’re easily charmed by an endless loop of demonic kids taunting you to “say something, say something!”