Perpetually masked Italian electro-punkers The Bloody Beetroots have created an album that should be easier to hate, especially if you flip directly to vainglorious textbook electro track “I Love the Bloody Beetroots.” Still, with cameos from the likes of indie electronic artist Beta Bow and British house songstress Lisa Kekaula, this anticipated debut offers enough variety to save it from slipping into a complete electro-sinkhole. Sure, there are tracks to destroy a room to (try heavy-hitting single, “Cornelius,” or mind-numbing “Yeyo feat. Raw Man”); but there is also unexpected relief in lighter inclusions like the sexy “Make ME Blank,” featuring J*Davey. Hipsters who have gobbled the dancefloor-stomping Steve Aoki collabo “Warp” like breakfast cereal might be pleased to see an additional version on the album, albeit sans Mr. Aoki’s punctual whooping.