Soul Jazz’s string of successes continues with this dynamite showcase of the UK jungle sound of 1994. Jungle’s two breakout hits are included (Shy FX and UK Apache’s “Original Nuttah” and M-Beat featuring General Levy’s “Incredible”), as well as Jamaican crossover remixes like the Congo Natty smashup of “Under Mi Sensi” and Ninjaman’s “Bad Boy Lick a New Shot.” But the comp’s real strength is its rare gems, which place jungle in the larger musical context that helped shape its sound. Particularly stellar are the three bubblin’ Ragga Twins tracks and Shut Up and Dance’s wicked “No Doubt.” Soul Jazz isn’t one to skimp on history, and Stuart Baker’s liner notes clue both heads and newbies in to vital stories they might have missed, helping to navigate the lengthy history that already surrounded the genre by the mid-’90s. Even ‘ardcore junglists will wheel this one back again.