Having won critical acclaim with his last release, Chasm, Ryuichi Sakamoto has upped the ante by passing along the material to 13 remixers from across the electronic-music spectrum. In one of the disc’s most accessible moments, Taylor Deupree’s reworking of “World Citizen” (with elegant vocals by David Sylvian) adds glitch while preserving the dark pop feel of the original. Another fine point is the inclusion of two different remixes of the starkly beautiful “20 msec.,” one by film-score composer Craig Armstrong and another by guitar-ambient surrealist Fennesz. Both mixes are austerely graceful; Armstrong takes a more conventional approach to song structure while Fennesz, though toning down his trademark searing, still turns in a powerful, melodramatic interpretation. Of the few low points, mixes of “Undercooled” and “War and Peace” feel a bit tired, maybe due more to the spoken-word-over-electronica cliché of the originals than the remixes themselves.