One hopes the non-mainstream dance music scene isn’t too awash in bullshit quotidian business concerns to recognize a talent like Tom Noble when he’s in its face. On this debut released by the erstwhile nu-jazz imprint Laws of Motion, the 25-year-old producer has fully fleshed out a uniquely catholic aesthetic, folding modern Brazilian, South Asian and broken beat flavors in a dubwise ideology that enhances rather than dilutes the context of each. But Noble’s skilled arrangements make this far more than a conceptual hybrid orgy; check the gorgeous flute lines on “Rajj Dub,” the Jobim-esque guitar accents on “Kind in the Night,” and the massive dub version of Midnight Starr’s “Midas Touch” for proof. And the vocal help Noble gets from the likes of West London’s Izzi Dunn and the Euro-Brazilian Nina Miranda do zero harm. A revelation.