Ryan Raddon came up in Chi-town on a steady diet of Frankie Knuckles, and survived the barren musical desert of Utah to roll into the Bay Area as Kaskade. His debut album, It’s You’t’s Me, made a large landing, but Raddon’s not too busy to play with the OMies for San Francisco Sessions. Subtitled Soundtrack to the Soul, his mix includes 14 heretofore unreleased gems, notably the title track (showcasing soul vox master Anthony Green); “Empty Streets,” which features the spooky warbling of Becky Williams; and the Crump Daddy Club Mix of Harrison Crump’s “I Need Your Love.” Groove Junkies and Audiowhore also chip in, and Joslyn lends mighty vocals to Kaskade’s own “It’s You’t’s Me (More Vox Mix)” and “In This Life.” If you’re searching for a smoothed-out take on the San Francisco sound, this one’s for you.