Both Gingy and Bordello are competent producers in their own right, but the Canadian producers have undoubtedly crafted their most eye-popping work as a unit. The duo first gained considerable attention with last year’s Iron & Water, the title track of which also appeared on Turbo’s impressive manifesto compilation, New Jack Techno. The pair’s latest outing, Saturday Night Fervor, was originally recorded in January and was subsequently shelved for the summertime, but now that it’s arrived, it finds the pair’s productions more streamlined than ever before. With its sturdy drums and hyperactive interplay between synths and samples, it would be misleading to call the record a reinvention, but it does find Gingy & Bordello relying less on clever twists and more on a grounded, focused approach to production.

As one might expect, the titular “Saturday Night Fervor” is the standout original here. The tune is a patient, solidly built number that opens up with a muted stomp before allowing its spinning vocal samples and sawing rhythms to take shape. Eventually, the track anchors itself firmly to the dancefloor with the introduction of a winning chord and an engrossing low end, locking into a persistent groove that runs on autopilot for the rest of the track’s seven minutes. On the flip, Gingy & Bordello strip things down on the more skeletal “All Day,” though the tune is quickly one-upped by by techno mainstay Robert Hood, who continues his recent hot streak and closes the proceedings with an impeccable remix. His rework throttles the track’s original groove, creating an uptempo clatter of chopped vocals and pulsing drums, though the composition is tempered with lush, half-completed chord progressions. Without question, Hood’s remix steals the spotlight, but the EP remains a concise, fun listen that demonstrates why Gingy & Bordello is still an outfit that deserves our attention.