Kompakt’s infatuation with schaffel-that loping swing rhythm that channels polka and “Spirit in the Sky” with the same syncopated breathlessness-is as old as the label itself. Once considered techno’s awkward stepchild, it’s recently achieved broader popularity, from T.Raumschmiere’s “Monster Truck Driver” to Chicks On Speed’s “Fashion.” The Cologne label’s second comp devoted to “shuffle fever” shows how versatile the bump-and-flummox can be. While Naum and Wighnomy Bros strip it down to buzzing, jerky gestures, and Superpitcher and SCSI-9 emphasize its anti-gravity pogo qualities, The Orb explores lapping whitecaps on “Cool Harbour” and Mikkel Metal takes a seafloor moonwalk. T.Raumschmiere’s mix for Komeit finds utopia in a gliding gait, reminding, “We could come here again/without pain.”