The marriage of LV‘s ice-cold London production and Okmalumkoolkat‘s relaxed, swinging delivery makes an impression simply via the raw novelty of the coupling. Nevertheless, over the past few years the globe-crossing collaboration has reliably produced clever material which emphasizes the inherent strengths of each hemisphere through crafted juxtaposition. In truth, the partnership has grown so organically that to align Okmalumkoolkat’s vocal with production by a fellow South African is initially a confounding variable. However, DJ Clock‘s “Sebenza (AM-PM Kwaito Remix)” manages to find a melodic and relaxing Kwaito vibe underneath Okmalumkoolkat’s acappella, almost like it was the proto version of the LV original.

DJ Clock (a.k.a. Kholile Elvin Gumede) hails from a township in Vosloorus on the East Rand in South Africa, and his take on “Sebenza” resonates with what we’ve come to expect as typical from that part of the world—it’s deeply polyrhythmic, loaded with surprisingly soulful horn presets, and difficult to sit still to. A bell-like bassline underscores the chatter of percussion and forces a half-time feel, lending a backyard-barbeque lean that’s eminently more approachable than the snappy grime timbre of the original. The dubby horns and witty arrangement of dry string presets push this even further; this tune would be as welcome in a lounge setting as it would be in the dance.

While not wildly original or edgy, DJ Clock finds novelty in his own sound thanks to the existing perception of the usual LV and Okmalumkoolkat production. It’s Clock’s sound that is buried beneath the ingenuities of the likes of LV, and this track is a prime example of that inspiration—a curious case of a remix that sounds more like the original than the original itself.