If Calibre‘s 2001 debut, Musique Concrete, was a sketchbook of raw and undefined drum & bass compositions, then his sophomore release, Second Sun, is his portfolio of intricately detailed, well-constructed, and fully realized pieces. From the dramatic opener “Bullets,” featuring the heavenly vocals of Diane Charlemagne, one quickly grasps how Dominic Martin has musically matured his loose ideas into complete masterpieces. The tantalizing string arrangements on the title track, the rolling boom-bap of “Go Back to Go Forward,” and the rub-a-dub skank of “Kiya” find Martin invoking the simplest pleasures with the subtlest touches. Sprinkle in the breezy house grooves of “Don‘t Watch This” and “These Few” and the alluring downtempo number “Drinnabilly,” and you have an album that gets better with every listen.