At this point, it’s almost comical that the music often tagged as post-dubstep has been fleshed out so completely as a sound, but still lacks a proper name of its own. (And no, “bass music” doesn’t really count.) In the case of a producer like Jason Burns, the term post-dubstep is especially bothersome because his music has so little to do with actual dubstep. Sure, the Cleveland-based producer may have been previously been involved in that scene, but his new EP, See Thru You, owes a lot more to soulful garage and R&B.

Released on San Francisco’s Brap Dem! imprint, the three-song effort begins on a high note with “Die 4 U,” an oddly upbeat piece of melancholy 2-step powered by its punchy percussive shuffle, potent synths, and an incredibly addictive vocal refrain. The track repeats “I diiiiiiiiiiieeeee for you” over and over again, and it’s hard not take to the claim seriously. “I Can’t Change” is more somber, a tune with stripped-down drums, a thick bassline, and what sounds like a sad accordion providing the melody. Unfortunately, the track leans a little too heavy on its vocal sample; it’s not a bad song, but it’s the weakest offering here. Wrapping things up is “See Thru You,” a quality tune whose clicky R&B drum patterns and lilting pads bear more than a passing resemblance to something that might be turned out by the Night Slugs camp.

In all honesty, the See Thru You EP is not the most innovative release of 2011, as the music undeniably reflects many of the usual tropes of the post-dubstep sound. That said, it’s a sound that still has some legs, particularly when it’s being this skillfully assembled. DJs could do a lot worse than giving these tracks a few spins.