I first looked upon Senor Coconut’s mix of “legendary” Latin club hits with a jaundiced eye. I suspected a gimmicky deconstruction, as Senor Uwe Schmidt (a.k.a. Atom Heart) did tacky Latin covers of Kraftwerk and digitally sterilized gospel as Geez ‘n’ Gosh. However, this straight-up DJ mix finds him being highly respectful of what he’s heard in clubs across Latin America for years. Brazilian funk rules here, and Portuguese sounds uncannily funky when rapped. Reggaeton also has a strong presence-in fact, Tego Calderon’s “Cambumbo” infects like sin. Also, Schmidt scores brownie points for his hypnotic action space-out “Tea Time: Mueve La Cintura.” Despite some cumbia songs that fall flat, this Coconut offers a fine primer.