Sensational (formerly Torture) debuted in 1993 on Jungle Brothers’ J. Beez Wit The Remedy, then busted out strong solo with 1997’s Loaded With Power, a maverick, lo-fi piece of speaker-wrecking bass, chest-caving beats, and gruff, marble-mouthed self-aggrandizement. That album has been Sensational’s peak-until now. With his seventh album, the Brooklyn MC finds his ideal beatmaker in Kouhei-Sensational seems energized by the Japanese producer’s oddly angled and warped tracks, which sound like a heady amalgam of El-P and Krush’s textural and rhythmic components. The science here is deep, and Sensational’s rumbly muttering complements Kouhei’s next-level funk. Autechre and Spectre remixes seal the deal.