Panoramabar resident DJ Prosumer (Achim Brandenburg) is a diehard Chicago-house/Detroit-techno disciple who, along with fellow German producer Murat Tepeli, tinkers with the genres’ templates just enough to avoid blatant homage. Serenity actually suffers from an excess of personality (drama-queen vocals–some by Elif Biçer–with soap-opera scenarios), and most of Serenity‘s 17 tracks come off as pastel, Herbert-lite exercises. Tepeli and Prosumer generate some interesting tones, but the beats often sound too muffled and restrained, and the melodies are sometimes cloying. Serenity works best when Prosumer and Tepeli ditch the vocals and let the music do the emoting, thereby approaching the subtle melodic grandeur and tonal depth of Carl Craig and Theo Parrish.