With members hailing from Burundi, the Congo, Rwanda, and Belgium, Soul I.D. takes all its collective identities to heart. The group’s self-described “Afropean” soul music combines rich, layered vocal harmonies and hip-hop-inspired production with a distinct Euro sleekness reminiscent of Jazzanova, La Funk Mob, and 4Hero. The quartet nearly pulls off a Dwele-style R&B remake of Spandau Ballet’s sappy ballad “True”; it’s not their best side, though. But the dead fonky male/female vocal interplay on “Believe” and the Donny Hathaway stylings of “Even Though” are exceptional. Soul I.D. forges a peaceful coexistence between neo-soul songcraft and Jeep-tough hip-hop beats, polishing the mix for an album with an ample share of shiny nuggets.