Plastic Little walks a fine line between making music and making comedy. That’s not to say their brand of post-PC, ironic humor isn’t palatable (entertaining, even)–you’ve just got to have the stomach for it. She’s Mature sees them mocking everything from Afrocentrism to thug love-triangles and the Five-Percent ideology, to their own hipster scene, and they return often to their favorite themes: party crashing, pulling drunk chicks for one-night stands, and doing it all on a dime. While that’s often amusing, the jokes have their flaws: Songs like “That’s the Jump Off”–a rap explaining the phrase itself-come off like Urban Slang 101 for white folks. PL’s at its best on bangers like “Another Rap Hit,” which plays to the strengths of their sleazy, club-hollering lyricism (“Fellas, grab your big old dicks/Ladies, rub your wet-ass clits”), their intentionally foul sexual and racial politics, and their pared-down, slam-and-shuffle basslines.