The re-release of LA/SF-based producer Shlohmo‘s mini-album, Shlomoshun Deluxe sounds fantastic if you’re stoned. A clear-headed listen, however, reveals its production to be sub-par. Not that it sounds bad; the patron of beats and bass, known to friends as Henry Laufer, admits to using less-than-professional methods and second-rate gear, a not-uncommon practice in his peer group (see FlyLo’s consistent vinyl crackle). It’s these nuances which set Shlohmo’s tracks apart from the sheen of, say, Nosaj Thing, as the noisy hiss of “Hot Boxing the Cockpit” somehow compliments the birdsong and head-nodding rhythm it accompanies, and the dulled, distorted high frequencies on “Tomato Squeeze” and “Dead Pixel” are integral to Shlomoshun Deluxe‘s direct appeal.