Tomorrow was right now yesterday, so this time around Beans gets relativistic and checks out the fourth dimension. The former Anti-Popist packs his rocket full of vintage drum machines and thrashing, insistent basslines, loads up bags full of shredded lyric notebooks for fuel, and sets course for Planet Rock. Though Beans tweaks the knobs hard on the occasional mind-bending instrumental, for the most part Shock City Maverick sticks to a harder, leaner sound, with the spaces between the clicks and clacks filled by verse. While his rhyme schemes and references stay as complex as ever, Beans has learned that skeletal, uptempo bodyrockers fit his style best, and tracks like “I’ll Melt You” burn like lasers. Mark Pritchard beams in to lend a futuristic battle-hymn stomp to “Diamond Halo Grenade,” but this is Beans’ universe now-we just live in it.