Shocking Pinks might raise the batting average for New Zealand rock, but beware of frontman Nick Harte’s sentimentality. “Oh Emily, oh Emily/I get jealous/When you’re holding hands/Kissing behind the stands/Because I need romance,” he mopes. How emo. The Pinks otherwise deliver solid, lo-fi excursions in this reissue of the ex-Brunette’s solo work. The rich guitar textures are often soaked in mountainous, neo-shoegazer haze, and Harte has a knack for melody, on tunes like “Blonde Haired Girl,” that recalls the best of early ’90s buzz-pop. There’s also DFA-approved cowbell disco on “SmokeScreen,” and a meditation on piano drones in the curious “23.” As long as Harte doesn’t need to cry on your shoulder, everything’s fine.