Along with Gang of Four and The Mekons, the female-fronted, double-bass attack of Delta 5 rounded out a holy trinity that erupted from late ‘70s Leeds. And as this lovingly crafted collection-complete with liner notes from author Greil Marcus and Mekon Jon Langford-shows, the group more than shouldered its responsibilities. From the Go4-style sharpened guitars and Situationist lyrics to the XTC-like pop of “Anticipation” and the Joy Division-esque warble of “Shadow” (one of three previously unreleased live tracks), Delta 5 might at first come across less like a unique moment in post-punk history and more as the ultimate amalgamation of that era. But that would sell D5 short: more than most of their contemporaries, Delta 5 understood that dance music and punk were not only complementary, but part of the same lineage, that mashing riffs over disco beats was more “appropriate” than “appropriation,” and that Blondie caused more change than Crass ever could.