3582 refers to the old beeper codes of Fat Jon (Five Deez) and J. Rawls (Lone Catalysts), but for some reason listeners are tempted to look for deeper meaning in this duo’s name as well as their music. Perhaps they’re misled by this album’s masterfully composed beats that range from baroque to Brazilian, often within the same song. Lyrically, Situational Ethics contains the realest of the real: unassuming discourses about cyberflirting (The “E”), diatribes on dating games (“As Bad As They Come” and “I Would Change”), diss tracks (“Loser Type” and “Look At You,” a take on Brand Nubian’s “Slow Down”), and even a drinking anthem (“Take It To The Face”), all tied together with sexy Spanish interludes. It’s not profoundly deep, just profoundly dope.