Dub Pistols is the alias of London-based Barry Ashworth, who absorbed the effects of the Clash, the Specials, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, and Leftfield and yet managed individuality to some success with albums like Point Blank. 9/11 scuttled the follow-up, so he regrouped and began anew with contributions from Terry Hall (the Specials, Fun Boy 3), Horace Andy from Massive Attack, and NYC’s Sight Beyond Light posse. The first effort was, according to Ashworth, fertilizer. Then he hooked up with Cali Agents’ MC Planet Asia and a sound was found. On the optimistic Six Million Ways to Live, punk and funk duke it out with swipes of dub and ska. No new ground is disturbed, but 6M is feisty and fun and plays nicely with others.