If one used producer Brian Lindgren’s debut album as the basis for psychoanalysis, it would be almost immediately apparent that under his musical moniker, Mux Mool, the man suffers from multiple personality disorder. The tug-of-war between Dilla-esque hip-hop (“Hog Knuckles”) and buzzy, electro-tinged dance tunes (“Crackers”) runs throughout the whole of Skulltaste. Occasionally, on tracks like “Breakfast Enthusiast” and “Death 9000,” the two opposing psyches combine in a seamless marriage of new sounds, though that’s not to say they are the only ideas present on Mux Mool’s debut. R&B, disco, and orchestral arrangements also color in Lindgren’s smooth edges, and help make a fresh-sounding record that could please many tastes; just don’t expect him to stick to one style for too long.