What happens when an abstract producer and a way-out-there rapper get together to create hip-hop’s answer to free jazz? Well, for one, it’s weird. Very weird. Not weird like Mush’s other releases-way weirder. Awol One’s rambling over this mix of bizarre beats and sounds is not for everyone-in fact, most hip-hop fans will find this project unlistenable. But fans of the Shapeshifter’s Awol One will probably rejoice at the sound of his monotone voice droning on about love, J-Lo, medication and hip-hop. Awol breaks it down in “The Rules of the Week”: “Monday”m a pit bull/Tuesday, you’re animation/Wednesday”m dedication/Thursday, you’re a poem/Friday, we’re all drunk idiots/Saturday, it’s all just a sequel/Sunday, everybody’s equal.” Like free jazz itself, this album will be detested by most, loved by a few and never truly understood by anyone.