I have one party trick: I’m good at picking up dialects. Not your obvious Cockneys or Alabama twangs-I’m also good at musical dialects. Or so I thought until I heard the Swedish band, Ollo, two DJ production partners named Alex and Lars. Sleeper is atmospheric, with a slight pop sensibility and a heady dose of jazz-a bit of moonless night with a touch of sun glinting off the snow. Imagine my surprise when I discover that Ollo is not Swedish, but rather the darling of Australian radio, and is currently producing an audio/visual installation for a youth/music/culture show for Australian TV. Try as I might, I couldn’t find-through the intelligent glitch, media samples, and cleverly produced game-show synth sequences-a single shred of Aussie expansiveness. Maybe I should go back to that cherry stem thing. Or perhaps I should take Ollo to the next party…they’re much more clever and fun than I.