Based on Hans Fjellestad’s eye-goggling tongue-lashing cover shots, Eastern medicine practitioners might worry for his health, but the L.A.-based musician filmmaker is quite sturdy-if his sound is any indication. Following Fjellestad’s Robert Moog documentary, that synthesizer became Fjellestad’s preferred weapon and Snails R Sexy echoes the machine’s experimental analog brawn. This is the soundtrack for the occasionally rain-soaked streets of L.A. after dark, when the city hums and grinds behind glittery scenes. Fjellestad makes noise for the stout-hearted-his snails cuddle up to Sun Ra’s keyboard explosions, Merzbow’s drones, and Buckethead’s string histrionics. Gloss these shells with ’70s-era Krautrock and buff with Japanoise and Norwegian death metal (the subject of Fjellestad’s next documentary), and they are dead sexy.