Bong-Ra (a.k.a. Jason Kohnen) has been stunningly prolific in the last four years, and it’s heartening for the breakcore sound that his musical star is still in ascent. Sublight, which has a knack for getting great full-lengths from the scene’s best artists, has released Soldaat van Oranje, markedly more sonically diverse fare than Bong-Ra’s last album on Ad Noiseam. Although his post-rave buzz-synths still lace the album, the amens don’t kick in until track six; and while the vibe is definitely trademark-heavy, it’s now dark with depth, crackling around industrial dancehall and hip-hop as well as manic jungle. He definitely hasn’t lost his Bikini Bandits party side, but the bell tones and the odd, grinding stutter-step of “Laatste Oordeel,” Soldaat‘s closer, point him in yet another direction, a teaser for his forthcoming Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble project.