Out of all the talent in the Justus League, it’s their inaugural act, Little Brother, who has by far received the most props and opportunities to be heard. But with Soldiers of Fortune, the League’s in-house record label (Hall of Justus) fittingly provides a platform for lesser-known members like Skyzoo and Jozee Mo. On the standout track “Secret,” the unsigned bravado specialist Joe Scudda addresses how it feels to be so slept on; atop a blaxploitation soundtrack groove, he raps, “I swear to God/If my swagger was money/I’d be worth like three or four mil.” Sure, Phonte, Big Pooh, and 9th Wonder of Little Brother are responsible for some of the better back-to-basics hip-hop on this compilation, but under-the-radar MCs like Scudda prove to be just as vital to the future of the League.