Opiate, the solo project of Thomas Knak (a Bj?rk collaborator and also a member of trios System and Future 3), only partially lives up to its moniker. The overall effect of the fuzzy fluctuations on the six-track Sometimes EP is sedative, but instead of dulling the senses, it reveals (on repeated close listens) an airy, intricate mesh of textures. Fitting the Morr Music modus operandi, acoustic overlaps form the EP’s sun-speckled springboard. But unlike so many post-clicks ‘n’ cuts/glitch composers, Knak is ever so deliberate. Recalling at times the work of Pole, Pan Sonic and Boards of Canada, the prickly, serene-yet-sinister soundscapes of Sometimes aren’t sculpted chaos; rather, the tranquil trickles of static stutters and melodic flutters are as regulated as prescription drugs. This Opiate heightens the senses and Knak’s craft.