Songbook is a tale sung in the native tongue of Moondonia. The mushroom people of this purple land live in lakes of rainbow glass. They pluck silver grapes from translucent octopi arms and whistle all the while. Nobukazu Takemura and his vocal sidekick Aki Tsuyoko bring Earth its first taste of the Moondonian dialect. It comes in soft, circular fragments, like the lullabies of baby pearls. Melodic lyrics float on soft cushions of analog synthesis and kaleidoscopic vibraphone sputters. Syncopated drum grooves bounce electric raindrops off glowing gopher heads. They get slightly wet until the floating fungi Samaritan offers an umbrella of layered trumpets. Please don’t confuse Moondonian music with the cooing of 3-D cuckoo-clock chickens. They are cousins, but the former is much more beautiful.