New York’s underground zine Repellent is an active purveyor of exploratory artistic expression, so it makes sense that the 16-track compilation Sonic Rec Room contains such a wide variety of largely experimental electronic music. Ranging from the fractal-laden warmth of Blurter’s “Parkonenlatz” and the 8-bit Gameboy shenanigans of Nullsleep, to the nursery-rhyme-gone-wrong “Run Through the Wind” by XAR (a.k.a. Michael Portney, the “Soy Bomb” guy who crashed Bob Dylan’s Grammy performance a few years ago), there’s truly something for everyone. Some of the tracks come off a little flat, but really, can you bear to miss out on Donna Summer (no, not the disco diva) mashing up loops of several highly recognizable guitar riff samples amidst glitchy breaks chaos? No, you can’t.