Stockholm‘s Sophie Rimheden garnered mad props for her 2003 debut album, Hi-Fi, where she provided happy glitch-pop and ‘80s-influenced bleepy electro-funk powered by her charming, Madonna-like voice. H2-Fi is a varied hodgepodge of Hi-Fi remixes staying true to Rimheden‘s peculiar lightheartedness. The revamping commences with spliced-up, videogame-ish funkadelia by Pavan, Håkan Lidbo and Tigerbeat6‘s Dwayne Sodahberk. Remixes by Static and Hundarna från Söder parallel the dark electro of Kraftwerk‘s “Trans-Europe Express.” Different and Son of Clay drone out crackles and beatless serenity, followed by minimal techno masterpieces from Johan Skugge and Shitkatapult‘s Fenin. The 14-tracker ends with driving, club-storming cheese by Sam Miller and Puss. ”