Luke Vibert’s career has both echoed and contradicted that of fellow Cornwall, UK, electronic legend Richard D. James (a.k.a. Aphex Twin). Whilst the majority of the latter’s work has been released through the same two labels, and his image masterfully manipulated into that of a genius/madman, the former has flitted between the great electronic indies, releasing seminal works (Tally Ho on Astralwerks) and mediocre records (Musipal on Ninja Tune) and crafted an image that bridges the mysterious and the blasé. It is for these reasons that Vibert (also known as Wagon Christ) has always seemed more endearing than James, and his gigantic fan base won’t be disappointed by this latest venture. Vibert’s lovingly ironic acid-house references are present to emotive effect in “Sci-Fi Staircase,” while “Shadows” reminds us that certain individuals were making the horribly-named folktronica way back when. Vibert’s magic lies in making disparate sounds into songs in the truest sense, and he does so beautifully here.