At the U.K.’s infamous Southport Weekender event, words such as “soul” and “jazz” take on meanings that might seem outlandish in other settings. But in Southport’s empowering context on this new double CD of mixes–from one-crew zeitgeist Jazzanova and maverick vinyl hog Mr. Scruff–such genre-twiddling seems not just possible, but desirable. The results are two mixes parsecs apart in some ways, but beautifully complementary in their end state. Jazzanova uses digital beats to place Badly Drawn Boy and Henrik Schwarz in the same soulful sentence as South Bronx Community Youth Project. Meanwhile, Mr. Scruff mashes together a bank-breaking playlist of rare-groove vinyl from Claussell, Ray Frazier, Gloria Scott, and more. A finer po-mo soul collection does not exist.