Let’s just say it, already: The Dub Pistols’ remake of Blondie’s “Rapture,” featuring Terry Hall (of The Specials), rocks. It’s a perfect example of a dancefloor classic revived; with thumping kicks, power chords, and a slight dub treatment, it’s just as capable of rocking a party in 2008 as in 1980. “Cruise Control” (which subtly interpolates Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock”) is nearly as dope, as is the title track. The rest of Speakers and Tweeters is a bit of a mixed bag. U.K. sound-lads Barry Ashworth and Jason O’Bryan have production chops for days, but their rhymes are nothing spectacular. At least they don’t disturb the Pistols’ groove (which swerves from uptempo electro to downtempo reggae), but it’s a bit telling that the tracks featuring guests Hall, Rodney P, and Blade shine most brightly.