Following its inception in 2006, London-based duo SpectraSoul—made up of David Kennett and Jack Stevens—has released music at a lightspeed rate on a multitude of labels, including Goldie‘s seminal Metalheadz, Critical, and dBridge‘s Exit Records. However, little-to-no music has arrived via any other imprint since the duo signed an exclusivity deal with Shogun Audio back in 2010. The duo’s two full-length albums, and a slew of EPs, found a natural home on the imprint—but now Kennet and Stevens will inaugurate their own label Ish Chat with their latest EP, Only You.

Positioning itself as a new platform for SpectraSoul music, namely varied styles in a shorter format, Ish Chat will allow the duo to “release music at a higher frequency and with greater variation than ever before.” Fittingly, Only You is the perfect embodiment of that ethos, presenting four highly-varied tracks that reflect SpectraSoul’s various working styles.

Opening proceedings is the chunky, vocal-heavy title cut, which picks up where the pop-tinged tracks from The Mistress—released last year via Shogun—left off. It brims with melancholic qualities, mostly due to its vocals and synth lines, and is held together by a growling, modulated bass and finely-programmed percussion.

“SM1” follows up, albeit with a more club-driven nature, rattling its way through four-and-a-half minutes with abrasive synths and fast chip-tuned vocal chops. It’s the most polarizing cut on the EP, largely due to its in-your-face, frenetic style.

The EP’s crowning track is arguably “From the Jaws,” an undeniably infectious, vocal-led outing that sits somewhere between the duo’s more pop-focused efforts and its harder-edged, dancefloor-focused tracks. With rolling breaks, sun-drenched chords, melancholic vocals, and enough sub bass to rattle any speaker, it’s hard not to imagine this being played somewhere on a beach at sunrise to rapturous response.

From there, SpectraSoul bury deeper into experimental territory for “4URGH,” the EP’s darkest cut. It’s a muscly, half-stepping monster that is driven along by a distorted, snarling bassline and neck snapping percussion to round out the EP in memorable fashion. It’s quite obvious the EP utilizes a yin-and-yang effect on each side, with a more accessible cut being paired with a heavier and decidedly darker one, which ensures there’s more than likely something for all bass persuasions.

01. Only You
02. SM1
03. From The Jaws
04. URGH

Only You EP is scheduled for March 25 release.