Montreal producers Steve Beaupr» and Scott Monteith (a.k.a. Deadbeat) subvert the notion that minimal tech-house is a sober affair executed with stoic severity. Crackhaus cram more frantic frivolity (and insanely intricate sound design) per bar than anybody this side of Akufen or Rip Off Artist. Spells Disaster… captures the duo in a convulsive creative crucible, out of which comes seven tracks and four remixes (including those by Mole, Mike Shannon and EGG) that tickle funny bones with as much panache as they move asses. There’s a certain novelty aspect to Crackhaus’ sound palette, but the ingenious way they warp incongruous elements (blues harmonica, bottleneck guitar, seductive female jazz vocals) into crazy concatenations within a microhouse context negates any biases against sonic goofiness. Spells Disaster… is an antic renovation of the (micro)house that Matthew Herbert built.