The sophomore solo LP from Danish producer Kasper Bjørke, Standing on Top of Utopia, is a collection of solid, if unremarkable, songs on the hfn label. Known for his award-winning group Filur with Tomas Barfod, Bjørke’s occasionally forgettable productions benefit from collaboration, care of guest vocalists Louise Foo, Jacob Bellens, and WhoMadeWho’s Tomas Hoffding. The mostly club-ready album is at its best when it’s dancier and more minimal, such as on the aptly named “Efficient Machine,” which cruises into its chorus from an eerie, lithe verse melody, but elsewhere, like on “Dasko Vanitas,” Bjørke’s ear candy is delightful when consumed, but rarely worth a repeat. Still, Bjørke has plenty of sonic reach, and his album is worth a spin to find the scattering of gems.